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How Darryl Elvina Became a Renowned Spiritual Shaman and Coach

Let’s be sincere this time round. Most of us believe that the route to our great destiny is through education, college degree to be precise, right?

Just like everyone else, Darryl Elvina went through the same.

How He Started

Darryl Elvina was in his 3rd year studying Nano engineering at US San Diego when his entrepreneurship dream awakened. At this time he felt that not even the motivational books his mother bought him as a teenager could make him repeat a routine for hours.

In addition, Elvina loved listening to entrepreneurship podcasts. The Four Hour Work Week read specifically birthed him a different life reality.

At the age of 20, he started a 9-5 copywriting routine that earned him $48,000 a year. The stories of how people made a fortune from copywriting and online marketing lured him into the business. Unfortunately, the numerous live events, courses, “proven strategies”, and numerous personal development books failed him big time. A session of deep emotional work finally worked for him. His heart yearned for human needs, attachment styles and inner child work.

Elvina never planned to be a shaman/coach. This journey began during a spirituality workshop at Huna Hawaiian where he was invited by a friend. It is at this workshop that he overcame his limiting beliefs, negative emotions and limiting blocks that held him back.

The spiritual development earned Elvina a 50% income rise, a breakthrough in health, peace,    deeper, meaningful, and easier relationships weeks after the workshop.

Work  Habits.  

Elvina applies three principles when dealing with his clients:

  1. Permission to work together, and the client being open to the process.
  2. Acknowledging that the energy comes from a higher source.
  3. Believe that he is just a facilitator/caller of the energy.

He insists that he doesn’t heal. He believes that people have the power to heal themselves. Elvina therefore supports his clients through profound, powerful and rapid transformations. He advises his clients to train their unconscious mind to let go of what holds them back.

Creative Process

Elvina applies a 2 way process on his clients. The process aims at restructuring the conscious mind for peace, performance and success. His is a rapid process with deep transformations.

The process entails:

  1. Reflection over what’s coming up for the client.
  2. A combination of energy, work, chanting, trance and hypnosis work to eliminate the root of the problem.

Professional Accomplishments

Elvina takes pride in the following:

  1. Being a Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP and Hypnosis.
  2. Earning several 7 figures of revenue for 8 digital marketing companies with his marketing and copywriting skills.
  3. Helping multiple 6and7 figure clients through the Shamanism and coaching work he does.
  4. Being initiated into the 28th generation unbroken lineage of Huna Hawaiian Shamanism


During his leisure time, Elvina does either of the following:

  1. Hot yoga
  2. Hiking
  3. Travelling
  4. Meditation
  5. Walking by the beach

The Most Common Myth about Shamanism

Most people think that coaching targets the mindset yet change begins at the unconscious level.

People think you need a prolonged meditation retreat for a breakthrough yet spirituality is an everyday performance and life hack.

Elvina’s Greatest Challenge and Lesson as a Shaman

Elvina’s greatest setback was lack of awareness.

He therefore advocates for shifting of awareness through meditation, visualization and the law of attraction.

He insists that we need to connect to our spirit and inner guidance. This way, we shift, transform and create our own reality.

The Most Important Personality Trait for a Shaman

Constant evolution is the trick.

According to Elvina, we all need to stop clinging to old ways of doing things because the block things from happening. Instead, we should embrace continuous evolution.He advises upcoming coaches to constantly work on their unconscious mind before tending their clients.

Elvina’s Mentor

Dr. Patrick Scott gets all credit as Elvina’s greatest teacher.

Elvina praises him for super western background, intuition, two PhDs and dedicating his profession to helping all kinds of people reach their maximum potential.

His Productivity Hack

Elvina will do anything to eliminate negative emotions and to clear limiting beliefs. It is his main business to remain clear, aligned, congruent and right with himself.

His Inspiration and Message for Shamans and Spiritual Coaches

Elvina delights in being connected to his spirit at the moment. He also rejoices when others make major breakthroughs.

Elvina’s all season gospel focuses on eliminating blocks and investing in your unconscious mind.


According to Darryl Elvina believe that entrepreneurship has to be a hustle, grind and pure struggle is all lies. You can achieve your highest level of performance, flow and fulfillment by eliminating unconscious blocks, aligning to what matters and going all in to execute your unique genius and spirit.

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Written by Hannah Lee

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