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How To Treat Hemorrhoids From Home

How To Treat Hemorrhoids From Home
How To Treat Hemorrhoids From Home

Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, is a word that you almost never hear in daily life. The reason being is that piles are commonly associated with being an embarrassing disease to talk about. Rarely do people feel comfortable telling their friends and family, let alone a doctor about their condition. Just as mental health used to be a taboo topic, it’s time to do the same for hemorrhoids.

There’s not one cause for hemorrhoids but onset usually occurs from extreme constipation or even genetics. Piles are caused when the veins on the anal canal and lower rectum enlarge which can cause intense pain and even bleeding. Luckily, symptoms only last a couple of days but in rare cases can lead to cancer if left unchecked.

Generally, those affected by hemorrhoids are too embarrassed to head to the doctor for fear of an unpleasant treatment. But fear not, here are some home remedies that have been proven to help treat piles.

1) Sitz Bath:

If you own a bathtub, this is one of the easiest and effective home treatments for piles. Simply draw a bath with three to four inches of lukewarm water, and slowly lower yourself into the bath. It is crucial that you don’t add any bath salt, bath soap, or any products into the water. You will want to soak in the bath for 10 to 15 minutes and once done gently pat the affected area dry. It’s important to not be rough when drying because this will only cause more irritation.

You can use this home remedy up to three times a day and if done properly this will effectively relax the anal muscles as well as decrease itchiness.

2) Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil is an effective home remedy for hemorrhoids. This oil comes from the leaves of a small tree called Melaleuca and has many healing properties. When it comes to piles, you will need a liquid drops of tea tree oil, olive oil, and small cotton balls. You will want to mix the tea tree oil and olive oil together and then dip the cotton into the blend. You will then want to take the cotton and gently wipe the affected areas. Once again it is crucial to be gentle while doing this because it will only cause more irritation and discomfort.

For best results, this should be repeated three times a day, every day until you feel better.

3) Radish Juice:

If you find yourself at the grocery store and there are fresh radishes available, this home remedy might save you a trip to the doctor. Now first things first, the reason you don’t find radish juice at Jamba Juice or your local juice shop, it’s because the taste isn’t that pleasant. But when it comes to treating hemorrhoids, the taste shouldn’t be that big of a factor. You will want to take a couple of fresh radishes and grate them. Once grated, squeeze all the juice you can into a container. This treatment is most effective when you ingest a half a cup, twice a day, for a month. The reason being is that radish juice will flush and detox your system which in return will help combat the negative side effects of piles.

There you have it. These three easy home remedies might just save you a trip to the doctor when it comes to treating hemorrhoids. But remember, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Piles are much more common than you think.

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Written by Blair Moses

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