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Enzymes… A Health Miracle

All living cells contain biologically active proteins known as enzymes. They can be found in animals, in plants, and of course, in us humans.

Enzymes make things happen in all living organisms.

Every single cellular function that occurs in living organisms would not be possible without the aid of enzymes.

Enzymes help your body combat ailments, digest food, assimilate nutrients, and more.

In fact, they are needed in order for you to perform basic survival activities including breathing, moving, and thinking.

In short, no enzymes, no living organisms.

Scientists have discovered that the human body hosts thousands of enzymes, and every one of them plays a vital role in the functioning of our bodies.

enzymes secreted by small intestine

There is one specific group of enzymes living in each and every one of our muscle tissue and organ.

Each group serves its own specific purpose. For example, a researcher discovered that the arteries alone contain 98 different enzymes.

Enzyme Varieties

There are 3 primary kinds of enzymes:

  1. Digestive enzymes
  2. Food enzymes
  3. Systemic proteolytic enzymes

1) Digestive Enzymes

best digestive enzymes for leaky gut

The pancreas generates the majority of digestive enzymes in the human body.

Digestive enzymes are secreted along our digestive tract so that food is effectively broken down into nutrients and waste.

In other words, these enzymes help us digest the food we eat.

The body has many different types of digestive enzymes, but there only 8 key ones.

Each of these is responsible for dealing with a specific type of food.

Amylase enzyme Assimilates carbohydrates
Cellulase enzyme Breaks down fiber
Lactase enzyme Assimilates sugar derived from lactose
Lipase ensyme Assimilates fat
Maltase Turns complex sugar into glucose
Phytase Helps improves your entire digestive system and generates all 8 B vitamins
Protease Assimilates protein
Sucrase Assimilates a variety of sugars

The above enzymes among others are vital for keeping digestive issues such as abdominal cramps, difficulty in ingesting food, excessive flatulence, bloating, etc. from occurring.

2) Food Enzymes

best digestive enzymes for bloating

These enzymes are readily available in raw food.

To introduce them to your body, all you have to do is consume more fresh fruits and veggies, as well as foods that are packed with probiotics such as raw yogurt and raw sauerkraut.

3) Systemic Proteolytic Enzymes

digestive enzymes and their functions

Systemic proteolytic enzymes are essential for overall health maintenance and improvement.

They have the ability to decrease inflammation, improve blood circulation, get rid of mucus, and cure illnesses associated with autoimmune disorders.

There are various proteolytic enzymes and among them are nattokinase and protease. The former is derived from Natto, which is a Japanese traditional fermented dish.

According to a study, this enzyme is particularly beneficial for the blood pressure.

Protease offers its share of healthful benefits including decreasing the production of mucus and bringing down inflammation.

Why Enzymes are Especially Helpful for Fitness Enthusiasts and Weightlifters

enzymes that help digestion

Enzymes apparently have been discovered to be extremely helpful for those who regularly participate in fitness and physical challenges.

Those who are interested in building muscles will be delighted to know that enzymes can actually boost muscle development by substantially improving your body’s capability to absorb protein.

In addition, they will also help you recover faster after an intense workout, strengthen your immune system, heighten your focus, and even provide pre-workout energy by ramping up the rate of metabolism of the 3 chief nutrients in your body i.e. protein, carbohydrates, and fat.

How to Fill Up Your Body with a Shedload of These Highly Beneficial Enzymes

best rated digestive enzymes brand

Thanks to the rapid development of science and technology, enzyme scientists have finally found a way to synthesize these health boosting enzymes and pack as much of them as possible in a single vegetarian capsule.

When it comes to the greatest amount of enzymes per capsule and overall efficacy, an enzyme formula called Masszymes takes home the award.

The benefits of taking this formula are many, particularly for those who live the fitness lifestyle, as well as for those who lift weights and looking to pack on some quality muscle mass.

To find out more about this wonderful formula, just click here.


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Written by Haley Wells

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