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5 Ways to Stop a Panic Attack

For a person suffering from a panic attack, the feeling of enormous anxiety and fear is cruelly relentless.

The feeling hits abruptly and clutches tightly onto the sufferer, and just as suddenly, the typical characteristics of a panic attack e.g. excessive sweating, heart palpitations, hyperventilation, dizziness, tingling in the hands and feet, etc. will begin to manifest.

Some so-called experts claim that where acute panic attack sufferers are concerned, battling toe-to-toe against this anxiety disorder will only serve to exacerbate it.

Still, if the attack comes swinging, you can’t just let it smash you in the chin.

There are a number of effective ways to set up your defense and prevent a panic attack from getting on top of you.

Here are some of those ways:

#1. Focus on a specific object

how to get rid of panic attacks without medication

Panic attack can creep up unexpectedly irrespective of your location and when it comes around, what you’ll want to do is zero in your focus on a specific object that’s within your sight at the time.

Next, in your mind, narrate the physical characteristics of that object.

For example, you might get a panic attack while waiting in the lobby of a building, and there happens to be a potted plant by the entrance—place all your focus on it!

Describe to yourself what type of plant it is, how it looks, whether it fits the surrounding, the color of the pot, the pattern on it, its size, whether you should grab the whole thing and take it home with you, whatever.

The point of doing this is to thwart the feeling of panic attack from building up and then softening it, so that you will be able to gain control of your anxiety.

#2. Pick a mantra and recite it repeatedly

how to get rid of fear of panic attacks

There are few things more effective at putting a person at ease than a profound mantra uttered repeatedly in the mind.

This approach has a way of bolstering your spirits, as well as giving you a much needed calming effect against the sudden onslaught of a panic attack.

Remember, pick something that will truly lift you up.

My personal mantra when dealing with a panic attack is “Do your worst, for I will do mine!”—The Count of Monte Cristo (2002)

#3. Take deep breaths

how to get rid of panic attacks while driving

One of the main symptoms of a panic attack is hyperventilation, which is a condition that makes you breathe so rapidly, that you wind up exhaling a lot more carbon dioxide than you inhale oxygen.

Normal, healthy breathing should hit the sweet spot between inhaling and exhaling.

Now, everyone and their mother are familiar with the notion of count to ten when temper arises.

This works with a panic attack too.

Keeping your breathing in check can significantly decrease your chances of experiencing hyperventilation, which effectively lessens the impact of a panic attack.

So, whenever you feel that a panic attack is about to pounce on you, promptly take ten deep breaths—more if need be.

Let your lungs be filled up with oxygen.

Take a moment to note the sensation, and allow each deep breath to bring you back to the present moment.

This approach may seem simple, but rest assured it’s a very powerful way of alleviating one of the critical symptoms of a panic attack.

#4. Take advantage of the soothing power of essential oils

how to stop a panic attack while it's happening

If you’re prone to experiencing panic attacks, then it’s not a bad idea to bring along a bottle of essential oil wherever you go.

Some studies have noted that essential oils such as clary sage, bergamot, lavender, and sandalwood are rather efficacious when it comes to calming a panic attack.

When it hits, quickly pull the bottle out of your pocket, breathe in and breathe out.

#5. Take advantage of a FREE audio program specially designed to vanquish panic attacks

panic attack symptoms

Here’s one of the most potent methods of nullifying panic attacks—the Rapid Relief audio program.

Feels like a panic attack is about to strike again?

Listen to this audio program and you’ll feel instantaneous relief.

This audio program is free and if you’re interested in downloading it, just click on this link.


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Written by Haley Wells

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